Monthly Online Webinars

February 8, 2021 
Chronic Pain & Anxiety- Dr. Bruce Hollett
January 19, 2021 
Exploring the Relationship between Multiple Unexplained Symptoms and Central Sensitization: Fact or Fiction?- Dr. Maureen Allen
December 9, 2020 
Pain Theories Past to Present: Time to Move Beyond the Biopsychosocial Model? - Dr. Peter Stilwell
November 17, 2020 
Update on Cannabis: Smoking out Fact from Fiction- Dr. John Fraser
September 9, 2020  
Psychotherapy in Pain - Dr. Josh Rash
June 10, 2020  
Chronic Pelvic Pain - Ainslee McCann
May 11, 2020
Recognition, Belief and Trust in Pediatric Chronic Pain - Dr. Allen Finley
April 14, 2020 
COVID-19 Mental Health & Addiction Update - Dr. Sam Hickcox
Treating CRPS in Primary Care - Dr. Reza Mehrpooya

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